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Detailed Components


Item Covered Excluded
(Gas or Diesel)
Cylinder block and head's)
(including all internal parts requiring lubrication),
Oil pump, Timing, Drive gears,
Timing belt or Chain (when broken), Camshaft,
Valve train, Intake and Exhaust
Valve guides,
Valve seals,
Piston rings,
Front and Rear main
(Automatic or
Transmission case and all internal parts requiring lubrication), Torque converter and Torque
converter housing.
Standard transmission
Clutch assemblies and
linkages (manual or hydraulic)
Drive Axle
Primary drive axle and all internal parts requiring lubrication, Universal joints and Constant
velocity joints, Drive shaft's), Yokes
and Drive shaft carrier,
Four wheel drive transfer case and all internal parts requiring lubrication.
Hubs, Wheel bearings


No additional charge for this option


Hydraulic brake system components




ABS - Electronic control processor, Pressure modulator valve, Isolation dump valve, Wheel speed sensors, Hydraulic pump/motor assembly, Accumulator

Wear and tear items:
Pads, Rotors, Lining
drums, Brake lines,
Wheel cylinders
Water pump, Thermostat,
Radiator fan and clutch,
Electric radiator fan motor
Heater core
Starter motor and solenoid, Starter relay, Alternator, Voltage regulator,
Front and rear windshield wiper motor,
 Power window switches
for additional suggested items.
(after 800 miles)
Upper and lower control arms and
shafts, Upper and lower ball joints,
Spindle, Coil and leaf springs
(only if cracked or broken)
Steering box and steering rack and pinion (including all internal parts requiring lubrication), Power steering pump, Power steering cooler
 Air Conditioning
(Factory Installed)




Compressor, Condenser,
Receiver dryer/accumulator



Covered in conjunction with a covered repair with the exception of air condition refrigerant.

Evacuate, Recharge

NOT included



 Seals and Gaskets
Cylinder head gasket and Intake manifold gasket are the ONLY gaskets covered as a gasket failure alone.
All other seals and gaskets covered only when required in conjunction with the replacement of a covered part or  component .
Labor charges based upon the national average accepted industry labor and flat rate times to repair or replace any of the covered components as per Chilton's / Mitchells Labor Guides
Should a covered part or component repair take longer than sixteen (16) labor hours to complete, reimbursement is at the maximum rate of thirty-five dollars ($35) per day up to but not exceeding four (4) days towards a rental vehicle.
Delay due to parts availability,
Delivery time,
Rental vehicle mileage and other charges
Reimbursement to the customer up to sixty dollars ($60) towing to nearest authorized repair center if vehicle becomes disabled due to failure of a covered part or component
 Limit of Liability
Total accumulative claims shall not exceed the average value of the vehicle as listed in the N.A.D.A. Official Used Car Trade Guide in use at time of claim
 Diagnostic Services
Up to eighty dollars ($80) covered when in conjunction with an approved repair
One hundred dollars ($100) per occurrence per item
Zero deductible available
 Contract Terms
3 months or 3,000 miles *
(complete drive train - Items covered include Engine, Transmission, Drive Axle, Labor, Limit of Liability) *Only available at VIP certified dealers.
6 months with unlimited mileage
12 months with unlimited mileage
24 months with unlimited mileage
36 months with unlimited mileage
High Tech
(Available with 6,12, 24, or 36 month contracts)





Extended Mileage
or TMU

Turbo or
Super Charger
(Factory Installed)


Engine - Gas fuel injection systems, Vacuum pump, Primary fuel pump
Transmission - Vacuum
modulator, Transmission mounts
Electrical - Power window motor and gears,
Convertible top power motor,
Ignition management controls,
Keyless entry system, Power seat
motors and adjusting mechanisms
Air Conditioning - Compression Clutch,
Clutch bearing, Idler pulley, and Evaporator

Vehicles with over 120,000 miles.

Housing (including all internal parts requiring lubrication)
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